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LinkStrategy was established in 2001 to address a new process of promoting your website. At that time, a simple link from one website to another website would assist both websites in being recognized by the search engines. This concept was very simple and was based on the premise that both websites were legitimate and honest businesses. As many now understand, this technique was abused to such a degree that those early link building methods are now frowned upon by the search engines.

However, the underlying concept is still quite valid. Consider: if you recognize a website as being one that you trust and find value in and they link/cite/mention another website in a positive way, what would you think?

Website Linking

Like most of us I bet you would automatically assume that if a trusted website mentioned (aka “linked”) to another site, the other site must have some value. You may actually visit that other website to check it out.

Linking is Used to Promote

So the whole foundation of a website linking to another website to build a foundation of awareness and promotion is still sound. Think in terms of word-of-mouth advertising. If a friend, or someone whose opinion you valued, mentioned that a new steak house was wonderful, would you go and dine there? I bet you would. That’s a rudimentary process all humans employ to learn about other resources. Call it research, due diligence, cyber stalking, or whatever, we all look for trusted sources to point us in the right direction.

That has always been the vision of LinkStrategy. Like other web promotion companies (aka SEO firms), LinkStrategy has morphed and tweaked our approach. We even started a sister company called DomainDrivers just to hide the dreaded “link” word. But at the end of the day, our vision of increasing our client’s web presence remains the same.

Real Estate Website Linking

The key to Real Estate Website Linking

LinkStrategy, and DomainDrivers, are solely focused on what is now called “digital marketing”. Simply put, we are a marketing promotion company that focuses on digital media as opposed to print or traditional, off-line media advertising.