Have you ever been confused as to why some people call a room a “bedroom” and others refer to the very same space as a “den”? If you are selling your house, you want to list as many bedrooms as possible. However, you can’t call a room a bedroom simply because it has a bed in it.

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It is up to your local jurisdiction as to the acceptable definition of a bedroom. Loudoun County basically utilizes the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) while Fairfax County starts with the USBC, then adds a few more regulations of their own. Bottom line; check with your local jurisdiction as to what constitutes a bedroom.

Two popular misconceptions as to bedroom requirements are
egress window well fairfaxclosets and doors. You need neither. Surprise! Don;t worry about the closet issue, but you do need to focus on the door a little closer.

If a bedroom has an opening from a common living space, no door to the bedroom is necessary. But, there most be a way to leave the bedroom to the exterior of the dwelling. An egress can be in the form of a door or a window. More on that below.

Additionally, a bedroom that is only accessible, from inside the dwelling, from another bedroom, CAN NOT be classified a bedroom.

Now, on that egress requirement. If there is only a window in the bedroom to the exterior of the house, it most be at least 5.7 square feet and no more than 44 inches off the floor (unless permanent steps are installed).

The basic requirements for a room to be considered a bedroom in the Commonwealth of Virginia are:

1. Means of Egress: A bedroom must have two ways to exit: one that leads to the rest of the home and one that leads directly to the outside. In most cases, the outside egress will be a window. A bedroom egress window must be at least 5.7 square feet. It can be no more than 44 inches from the room floor, unless there is a permanent step installed. In addition, it is illegal to have locking bars or grates covering an egress window.

Also, in order to be considered a legal bedroom, its sole entrance
egress window installationmust not be through another bedroom. Finally, the bedroom must have access to a bathroom without going through another bedroom.

2. Closet: Contrary to popular belief, Virginia has no closet requirement for a bedroom.

3. Square Footage: The minimum size of a bedroom is 70 square feet. If more than one person occupies the room, there must be 50 square feet per occupant.

4. Ceiling Height: Ceiling height must be no less than 7 feet.

5. Heating and Ventilation: Every bedroom must have access to natural ventilation (i.e. to the outside air), and must have a heat source. Portable heaters do not count as an adequate heat source.

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